Special Discounted Empty Legs

All over the country, aircraft are flying empty. Heading to pick up a client or returning from a drop off.
This is where you can take advantage of One Way or empty leg flights and SAVE!

Empty Legs: A flight with no passengers.

Our one way availability consists of aircraft that need to move on the specified dates between two airports.

If you see a route that is in your flight line, but not an exact match for what you need we can quote it for you as well.

Date Location Aircraft
6/26 JVL (WI)-ABQ (NM) Falcon 2000
6/27 IND (IN)-PDK (GA) Citation XLS+
6/27 ASE (CO)-PWK (IL) Citation Excel
6/27 PLN (MI)-EWR (NJ) Hawker 400XP
6/28 JVL (WI)-JAC (WY) Lear 31A
6/28 MDW (IL)-OPF (FL) Challenger 350
6/29 MDW (IL)-FOK (NY) Hawker 800XP
6/29 EVV (IN)-EWR (NJ) Phenom 300
6/29 SUX (IA)-MKE (WI) Citation CJ1
6/29 BIV (MI)-JVL(WI) Hawker 800XP
6/29-30 MDW (IL)-ONT (CA) Falcon 2000
6/30 STL (MO)-DAL (TX) Hawker 400XP
6/30 IND (IN)-MKY (FL) Citation CJ2
6/30 JVL (WI)-ASE (CO) Hawker 800
6/30 DTW (MI)-TVC (MI) King Air 200
7/1 PBI (FL)-DPA (IL) Citation Excel
7/1 MKE (WI)-ATY (SD) Citation CJ1
7/1 JVL (WI)-MSP (MN) Hawker 800
7/2 CAK (OH)-SRQ (FL) Citation Excel
7/2 JVL (WI)-IAD (VA) Hawker 800XP
7/2 EYE (IN)-CVX (MI) Citation Bravo
7/2 CIU (MI)-AGC (PA) Hawker 400XP
7/3 MKE (WI)-MIA (FL) Citation X+
7/3 BNA (TN)-MDW (IL) Citation X+
7/3-4 DPA (IL)-GON (CT) Lear 45
7/6 MKE (WI)-SLC (UT) King Air 200
7/7 JVL (WI)-BIV (MI) Hawker 800
7/7 JVL (WI)-PKD (MN) Hawker 800XP
7/8 JVL (WI)-BRD (MN) Falcon 2000
7/8 MKE (WI)-PHL (PA) Citation X+
7/8-9 MDW (IL)-DAL (TX) Hawker 800XP
7/9-10 PWK (IL)-NEW (LA) Citation Excel
7/10 TVC (MI)-DTW (MI) King Air 200
7/10 IND (IN)-PDX (OR) Hawker 900XP
7/11-12 MKE (WI)-PIE (FL) Embraer 120 (30 pass.)
7/12 BFA (MI)-MKE (WI) Citation X+
7/14 JVL (WI)-PLN (MI) Hawker 800XP
7/15 GLR (MI)-TEB (NJ) Hawker 1000
7/15 MKE (WI)-BFA (MI) Citation X+
7/15 MKE (WI)-RAP (SD) King Air 200
7/16 AGC (PA)-CIU (MI) Hawker 400XP
7/18 PWK (IL)-IAD (VA) Falcon 2000
7/18 EVV (IN)-HOU (TX) Hawker 400XP
7/19 BUF (NY)-TVC (MI) King Air 200
7/21 PLN (MI)-PWK (IL) Falcon 2000
7/21 MKE (WI)-PKD (MN) Embraer 120 (30 pass.)
7/24 LEX (KY)-MKE (WI) Citation X+
7/26 PLN (MI)-IND (IN) Hawker 400XP
7/27 IRS (MI)-HER (KY) Hawker 400XP
7/27-28 MKE (WI)-PIE (FL) Embraer 120 (30 pass.)