Special Discounted Empty Legs

All over the country, aircraft are flying empty. Heading to pick up a client or returning from a drop off.
This is where you can take advantage of One Way or empty leg flights and SAVE!

Empty Legs: A flight with no passengers.

Our one way availability consists of aircraft that need to move on the specified dates between two airports.

If you see a route that is in your flight line, but not an exact match for what you need we can quote it for you as well.

2/18LUK (OH) - CRQ (CA)Citation Excel
2/19UGN (IL) - RSW (FL)Citation Excel
2/19CMH (OH) - TEB (NJCitation Excel
2/19RSW (FL) - JVL (WI)Hawker 800XP
2/19-20SRQ (FL) - CLE (OH)Beechjet 400A
2/20PSP (CA) - JVL (WI)Hawker 800A
2/20HDN (CO) - ENW (WI)Citation CJ2
2/21FXE (FL) - EGV (WI)Challenger 604
2/21-22VRB (FL) - CGF (OH)Hawker 800XP
2/22Grand Cayman Island - MidwestHawker 800A
2/25-27CLE (OH) - SRQ (FL)Hawker 800XPi
2/27ATW (WI) - TEB (NJ)Hawker 850XP
3/1JVL (WI) - SBA (CAHawker 800ª
3/4-5DPA (IL) - DAL (TX)light jet
3/13EYW (FL) - JVL (IW)Falcon 2000
3/14SBA (CA) - JVL (WI)Hawker 800XP
3/20APF (FL) - JVL (WI)Hawker 800A
3/21JVL (WI) - SBA (CA)Hawker 800XP
3/22JVL (WI) - EYW (FL)Falcon 2000
3/28JVL (WI) - BZN (MT)Hawker 800XP
3/28JVL (WI) - APF (FL)Hawker 800A
3/30DPA (IL) - APF (FL)light jet
3/31JVL (WI) - SFO (CA)Hawker 800XP