Special Discounted Empty Legs

All over the country, aircraft are flying empty. Heading to pick up a client or returning from a drop off.
This is where you can take advantage of One Way or empty leg flights and SAVE!

Empty Legs: A flight with no passengers.

Our one way availability consists of aircraft that need to move on the specified dates between two airports.

If you see a route that is in your flight line, but not an exact match for what you need we can quote it for you as well.

7/26YNG (OH) – MIA (FL)Citation Encore
7/26-27CYS (WY) – GRR (MI)Lear 45
7/26-27TEX (CO) – YNG (OH)Citation Encore
7/26-27OPF (FL) – PLN (MI)Citation Encore
7/26-27SAT (TX) – ARV (WI)Citation III
7/26-27FLL (FL) – MKE (WI)Citation X
7/26-27DPA (IL) – OPF (FL)Falcon 900
7/26-27COE (ID) – MKE (WI)Citation X
7/26-28PTK (MI) – STS (CA)Gulfstream G-IVSP
7/27-28GRR (MI) – CYS (WY)Lear 45
7/27-31LUK (OH) – ORL (FL)Gulfstream G-IVSP
7/27-28ICT (KS) – HPN (NY)Lear 60
7/28PWK (IL) – ACK (MA)Falcon 2000
7/28IOW (IA) – PIT (PA)light jet
7/28-29LCI (NH) – PLN (MI)Citation Encore
7/29Illinois – North Carolinalight jet
7/29DET (MI) – ARV (WI)light jet
7/29PWK (IL) – FCM (MN)light jet
7/29SBM (WI) – BIV (MI)Cessna 310R
7/30TEB (NJ) – PWK (IL)Gulfstream G-IVSP
7/30-8/1New York area – Chicago arealight jet
7/31BQK (GA) – MKG (MI)Hawker 850XP
8/1BIV (MI) – SBM (WI)Cessna 310R
8/2BIV (MI) – FKS (MI)King Air 100
8/2PWK (IL) – BIV (MI)King Air 100
8/3-4MDW (IL) – OPF (FL)Gulfstream G-IVSP
8/4North Carolina – Chicago arealight jet
8/5BKL (OH) – TEB (NJ)Phenom 300
8/5-6HCR (UT) – GRR (MI)Lear 45
8/6-7PSP (CA) – JVL (WI)Hawker 800XP
8/7SUS (MO) – EGE (CO)Hawker 850XP
8/7-9GRR (MI) – HCR (UT)Lear 45
8/10LUK (OH) – JVL (WI)Hawker 800A
8/11JVL (WI) – PSP (CA)Hawker 800XP
8/12JVL (WI) – EGE (CO)Hawker 800XP
8/14PSF (MA) – SUS (MO)Hawker 850XP
8/17JVL (WI) – ASE (CO)Hawker 800XP
8/20BTP (PA) – SUA (FL)Hawker 400XP
12/21-22Florida – MichiganLear 45
12/28-29Florida – MichiganLear 45